Female Primary Care Physician Questions

Common Questions Asked by Patients: What is a female doctor called? Is a gynecologist a primary care physician? What kind of primary doctor do I need? What type of doctor should a woman see annually?

At Dr. Shima Hadidchi MD Family Practice, we take women’s health seriously. We offer well women’s exams and many women’s health services. To learn more call us or visit us at 12740 Hesperia Rd in Victorville, CA.

Female Primary Care Physician Near Me in Victorville, CA

Well-woman exams are vital, especially because they screen for breast cancer. They screen for many other serious conditions too, and other conditions that could become serious if the signs aren’t recognized. A patient might need services like a pap smear exam, a mammogram, STD counseling, and other services that can be provided during the exam.

Finally, a well-woman exam is an excellent opportunity to bring up any health concerns the patient has, like changes in her period frequency, an overactive bladder, painful menstruation, reproductive health, contraception, or other concerns.